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Welcome to “BikeArt.Gr” family.


The “BikeArt.Gr” started as an idea through successive our interventions in public space, the main weapon in the murals and collaborations with famous artists from Greece UrbanArt scene.
The reason is the need of familiarization to public spaces, the need to get together, talk, look, put color and imagination in our lives, to fight for a better life.
Translating our initial reactions came with the album «BikeArt-Bicycles in art around the World», a record of creative artists from around the world, and the bike in the whole range of modern art: urbanart, painting, illustrations, graphic design, sculpture, industrial design etc.
Our team consists of: Kiriakos Iosifidis, Same84 and Kez, Urbanact team ( urbanact.gr ) members.


We will try through a series of artistic interventions to unite and bring together all those people who dare to support the bicycle as means of transport, an idea and a way of life, those who create and, at the same time, promote the claim for free public spaces, for a viable city.
We believe that art and especially urbanart can "awake", as only art can do, interest inside us for simplicity, contact, dialogue, and the respect for each other.
We hope that, all together, we can push the things for a substantial change of the way we think and live, according to the ideas that bicycles stand for:: freedom and return to nature that surrounds us.

The bicycle, its creators and artists, and the sensitive antennas of our inner world, show us once more the "path". They raise questions. And it is up to all of us if we are able to keep up and open another "cycle".

Ride On!

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