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2011, 2 OCTOBER



Sarantaporou bridge, S. Eleftherios metro station.

The Carpe Diem team (carpe-diemact.gr) initiated on 2 October 2011, the program "Gefires” of the General Secretariat for Youth (neagenia.gr).
The General Secretariat of Youth took the initiative in the "Gefires" in order to intervene in downgraded areas of the center of the cities of the country, where at the same time an aesthetic upgrade will be implemented in cooperation with the relevant municipalities, and interventions for the functional upgrade of the spaces, such as restoration of electricity bridges, sidewalks, damaged walls.

First action: at the Sarantaporou bridge, Tsounta Street, Eleftherios metro station, Athens.
During the project one part of the Bridge painted by local citizens and another part of it by the following urban artists:
2357, Alexander Kataras, Artemis, Alex Martinez, Apset, Boohaha, Brain, Code, Dail, Dask, Dennis, Dimmer, Don40, Geox, Greg, Joad, Jorz, Imoa, Ino, Kez, Live2, Lol, Ners, Norzine, Ozone, Pher, Poster, Proleculture, Pupet, Raiden, Revenge, Rio, Rkr85, Rtmone, Sake, Same84, Simek, Soiber, Stigma Squad (Insane, Reis, Senor, Scar, Sicer, Slipy), Taxis and Yoker.

With the collaboration of the Municipality of Athens and the support of

Sabotaz80, Dynamart, Rollex & P. Karavas.


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